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Tina -

The woman behind pregnancy to birth

I am a perinatal practitioner completed my Diploma in Higher Education - Antenatal Education with the University of Bedfordshire in 2012 and have been facilitating antenatal classes and workshops since.

Since starting the training in 2010, I have been creating activities for childbirth, feeding and early parenting education to use in my classes. I enjoy designing these activities. When I finally, after over a year of looking around, found a printing company which would be able to produce a long-lasting labour timeline banner, I was thrilled! I designed the artwork for the banner and got one printed for myself. When some colleagues saw the labour timeline banner and some of the activities I designed and printed and asked me to sell a copy to them, was born. I set up a website, got some stock, designed more digital activities.

Why buy my resources?

1) They save you time. You won't have to create your own activities and get them into a printer-friendly format.

2) All my activities have been tried and tested and I know they work! Again, saves you time to test things :)

3) Using a range of my resources makes gives your classes a uniform look and feel.

4) You can have any of my resources branded for your own business (get in touch for details)

5) Long-lasting, very durable banners and posters. Unlike laminated posters, mine are printed on very durable, wipeable PVC. I have been using mine since 2014 and they are still going strong!

6) Saves you money. All my resources are reasonably priced.

7) All my resources are designed and created within the UK.

I am very passionate about my resources and have added a few carefully selected partner items to my shop. Your satisfaction is important to me. If there is anything you feel is missing, could be improved or you need something branded for your own business, please get in touch!

I love the visual. Seems appropriate, not scary, not exposing and a starting point for discussion

C., Antenatal Teacher
About Labour Time Line Banner

Anything I can do for you?

I am happy to offer bulk prices, design your branded resources, send you invoices in advance... I can design specific and individaul resources just for your business, too! 

I am a proud supplier to the NHS. For any NHS orders, please contact me in advance to arrange your orders. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me or singn up to my newsletter for special discounts. 


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