Facilitating antenatal classes online

What do I need and where do I start when facilitating antenatal classes online? How can I keep my clients actively engaged in during the classes and how can I make my online antenatal classes more interactive?

What do I need to facilitate antenatal classes online?

When facilitating your antenatal classes online, it’s important that you have reliable equipment:

  • A reliable, stable and speedy internet connection. Test your internet connection with friends and family on a video call first, maybe while other people in your household stream some video content or play online games at the same time.
  • A PC or laptop. Ideally a modern one which can cope with the video and audio streaming content, multiple windows being open etc without overheating – especially during hot summer days!
  • A video conference platform such as zoom, Microsoft teams or similar. There are many different platforms available. My chosen platform is zoom as it (at the time of writing this) is the most flexible and suitable platform for interactive group education. If you are facilitating 1:1 only or use more of a lecture-style approach, any platform will do. When facilitating group antenatal classes online, I like to be able to split my larger group into smaller groups (breakout rooms in zoom) to give my clients some private ‘away from the teacher’ time but also allow for and encourage bonding as a group.
  • Some visual content such as powerpoint slides, google slides or canva presentations. For your visual learners, you ma wish to have some powerpoint slides (or similar) that you can share from time to time.
  • Some good lighting in the room so that your clients can see you.
  • A good camera and microphone so that your clients can see and hear you properly.
dress the baby (move the appropriate clothes onto the baby).

Where do I start?

Practise – Before you start facilitating online with/for paying clients, you may wish to practise with family members, friends or colleagues first. Alternatively or in addition to that, you could record yourself and watch it back.

Set expectations – set expectations with your clients. Let them know what to expect in advance. i.e. ‘please keep your cameras and microphones on, this is an interactive class’. or ‘mute yourselves’ for a lecture etc.

How do I keep/make my online antenatal classes interactive and fun?

Mix it up! Rather than having a full-on presentation going on, use your slides as visual aids. Use the breakout rooms (zoom) to create smaller groups. Use free* additional online tools such as mentimeter, kahoot, jamboard for wordclouds, quizzes and more.

wordsearch to annotate online on zoom

I have been using virtual

  • quizzes
  • card sorts
  • scavenger hunt
  • annotations
  • wordsearches
  • escape room
  • word clouds
  • polls
  • breakout rooms

and more in my virtual classes and workshops.

If you would like to learn more about some of the tools you can use and how to use them, book an empower hour with me. You can practise your approaches with me, get feedback on your activities and content or we can create your teaching plan and activities together. Any content we create during any of the sessions is yours to keep and use.

*free version available at the time of writing

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