Setting up Birth Preparation Classes

When you are a birth worker, such as a doula, antenatal teacher, perinatal educator etc you might be wondering about setting up birth preparation classes. When do you start advertising your classes or workshops? Where do you advertise them?

When setting up birth preparation classes, you’ll have to think about when are your potential clients going to be doing their research into antenatal classes? When will they be most likely to book? What did you do when you were expecting your baby?

Do you book a venue right away? Or can you can to an agreement with a local venue where you can confirm/cancel x weeks prior to the event without having to pay?

What dates and times will suit your pregnant clients best? Do they fit in with your preferences, other job, family, venue? Is an online pre-recorded course more suitable for you or your ideal client? Or maybe a hybrid option, with pre-recorded content and some live online or in-person time?

These are the questions, I ask myself when I am thinking about setting up my birth preparation classes. There is no ‘one fits all solution’ your answers are pretty much depending on where you live, whether or not you have a family or an additional job, what venues you have available and who your ideal clients are. This post is mostly about encouraging you to think about these questions and finding YOUR answers and setting up YOUR birth preparation classes and workshops. In a way that works for you and your (potential) clients.

To help a little with the question on when to set aside dates and when to start advertising your classes, I have created a spreadsheet. You can download your free copy here!

antenatal class promotion schedule

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